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  • A Conversation with Joel Tracy, CIO of IMC Companies

    Sridhar Sunkara sits down with Joel Tracy, Chief Information Officer for IMC Companies, as they dive into the world of intermodal transportation logistics and how technology is playing a critical role in many areas like operational efficiencies, fleet efficiencies, customer experience, driver experience, and other areas at IMC Companies. Also, Joel explains how new and emerging technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, IoT, the blockchain, safety technologies, and more helping IMC to have a competitive advantage.

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    Joel Tracy, CIO at IMC Companies

    Joel Tracy is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with IMC Companies. IMC Companies is a national logistics company focused on international shipments. As the CIO, Joel is responsible for leading IT development, delivery and integration of technology platforms and solutions for IMC’s Operational and BackOffice systems. A 27-year IT veteran, Joel has spent most of that time leading large scale application development projects. Prior to his current role, Joel held managing director positions at FedEx in Line Haul Systems, Enterprise Services, Electronic Commerce Systems, Software Quality Assurance, Customer Service Systems, and Finance/Legal Systems.

    Sridhar Sunkara, CEO of eBiz Solutions

    Sridhar Sunkara co-founded eBiz Solutions to help their clients’ in their Digital Transformation journey through digital transformation consulting, technology solutions, and digital marketing. His passion is technology strategy and innovation. With more than 22 years of experience under his belt, he has been assisting various types of businesses to understand and implement digital transformation for their companies. This helps businesses innovate and build efficient processes, in turn helping their bottom line and paving the way for growth. Sridhar also co-founded and is the CEO of an Internet of Things (IoT) proximity platform company called ThinkProxi

    Posted: April 3, 2019