Atlantic Intermodal Services

  • Shippers applaud CMA CGM’s jump to Memphis gray chassis pool

    Shippers and truckers are applauding a decision by CMA CGM to join the gray pool in Memphis, with the decision to embrace open choice making it less likely there will be a chassis shortage should volume spike after disruptions from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pass.

    “[The decision] increases shipper efficiency, provides more affordable and timely chassis access, improves on-time container arrival at terminals and vessel loading, keeping bookings on CMA and APL vessels intact,” wrote Peter Friedmann, executive director of the Agricultural Transportation Coalition, in a letter to CMA CGM. “Your chassis policies in the South Atlantic and Mid-South support the competitiveness of agriculture and forest products exporters.”

    Michael Symonanis, director of North American logistics for Louis Dreyfus, points out that joining the largest pool by units in Memphis means CMA CGM will be less likely to succumb to chassis shortages should there be a surge in traffic after the coronavirus disruption eases.

    “It should make the freight system for APL and CMA CGM more resilient to shocks because there will be more assets to draw upon,” he said. “Fundamentally, interoperability is about building resilience to sudden shifts in volume, whether it’s weather-related, or unforeseeable events. Right now, the system is not that resilient.”

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    Posted: March 11, 2020