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  • A Vehicle Event Recorder is the Best Witness a Driver Can Have

    A Vehicle Event Recorder is the Best Witness a Driver Can Have

    Truck drivers can be targets on the road for those looking to blame someone for an accident. However, drivers now have a new, foolproof defense when it comes to fraudulent accident claims: a vehicle event recorder.

    For decades, many commercial transportation companies and their insurance companies have settled suspicious lawsuits because, oftentimes, paying was easier and less expensive than fighting the case.

    The introduction of vehicle event recorders changes that logic by offering video evidence that can dispute fraudulent claims and help keep a driver safe while keeping their safety record clean.

    “Commercial drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents that aren’t their fault – and this new technology helps ensure that our drivers aren’t blamed for accidents that are staged or the fault of other motorists,” says Robert Brower, Corporate SRM Safety & Compliance Director for IMC Companies, the nation’s largest marine drayage provider.

    Fraudulent accident claims are made nationwide, but a recent rash of claims in the New Orleans area highlighted this growing trend and prompted the launch of an in-depth investigation that has, so far, led to the indictment of 6 people accused of accident staging.

    “While these crimes are generally committed by a connected circle of con artists, accident staging is an issue that affects all motorists,” says Brower. “These lawsuits end up costing motorists hundreds of dollars in higher insurance rates annually. Investing in technology that helps dispute fraudulent claims is one way we can protect our drivers, our company and all drivers with whom we share the road.”

    Installing the vehicle event recorders is both fast and simple.

    “The vehicle event recorder is about the size of an iPhone and is placed in the top center of a driver’s windshield and there is a relay that is attached to the recorder and then plugged into the truck, says Brower. “It’s plug-and-play. A driver can install it in their truck in about 20-30 minutes.”

    Certain non-accident events such as near collisions, hard brakes, sharp turns and quick accelerations can be reviewed so that a driver can receive safety coaching, if needed. Likewise, the vehicle event recorders offer the opportunity to recognize drivers for good behavior and adaptations.

    “Many times, one of our drivers is the reason an accident didn’t occur, and these vehicle event recorders allow us the opportunity to recognize those efforts,” says Brower.

    IMC Companies is aiming to have vehicle event recorders installed in all of its trucks by end of first quarter 2021.

    “We’ve already received lots of good feedback from our drivers about these devices as a safety and exoneration tool,” says Brower. “In our industry, drivers talk about the benefit of being ‘home daily’. Vehicle event recorders help us make sure we get them there safely.”

    Posted: January 12, 2021